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The Pink Cow is, A California Casual Restaurant, Art Bar & Funky Event Space!


Shopping Sherlock! Register For FREE!!
The DEFINITIVE Shopping Website!

Free WIFI, Projector & Screen, Stage, live music equipments available! Terrace available! 

Open 7 days a week now! 
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun 5pm~ late
Fri& Sat 5pm~4am morning  


Recommended - Pay with SIDO! It is very easy to sign up soon for a SIDO account and you will get ¥1,000 back in Sido points you can use at The Pink Cow as well! https://www.sido.net/register?refId=RF-SHKEXSGJUU


The first restaurant in Japan to accept Bitcoins! And a great place for your birthday, company, wedding reception parties or special events!
Bitcoin ATM now available! Since May 28th 2014


Chef Andy’s Fabulous Friday Feast! 
The Pink Cow’s Famous Cal-Mex Buffet will be a special feature on most Friday Nights now! 
Great for parties of all types or just come enjoy our unique selection of dishes and drinks in a comfortable California living room atmosphere.
Please check out the website for dates, times, and more details! 


NHK May 2014:


 Bloomberg June 2014:


The Pink Cow was introduced by below media:
-Nikkei Newspaper, Yomiuri, Asahi, Mainichi, Toyokeizai Newspaper etc.  
-Wired Magazine, News week, Aera, Wall Street Journal, etc.
-NHK News Watch 9, 
Fuji TV, NTV, Tokyo TV, etc.

Recommended Upcoming Event!

Sunday, February 8th


The Art Blender - Multimedia Night & Delicious FRENCH -fusion Dinner Buffet!

Pink Cow Art Blender, a chilled-out gathering of video artists, Vjs, Djs, body painting, animators, filmmakers, live music, artists, projection & performers. To perform, present, show work, enjoy and meet new people or have any new ideas just mail us at cowmail@thepinkcow.com 
Enjoy hanging out with the wonderful talented artists and guests!





Special Guest Performers: 

Live Art: 
Jesse Franklin - Live Painting 
The Best Distraction - Live Painting + Music 

DJ Souldbird 
DJ Solar 

Live Music: 
Coremocha - Very unique duo with Violin & synthesizer with classical music arranged in pop style 
The Best Distraction- Live Painting + Music 

Lady n@n@ - Burlesque Dancing 
Rita Goldie - Burlesque Dancing 

Organized by: Akane & The Pink Cow 



Photo: Coremocha (violin & Synthesizer unit)

Entrance: 3000 yen (including very delicious buffet 7-10pm!! OR a choice for 2 drinks without dinner... ) 
After 9:30pm will be 1500 yen including 1 drink

Doors Open at 5pm 

Happy Hour drinks 5-7pm 
Entertainment From around 7pm till 11pm 
Enjoy the delicious buffet prepared by our wonderful chef Andy Warden! The style of the food will change every month. Yummy!


Read below about the amazing Pink Cow chef ...:) 


Please email to the following address to reserve for a table (More than 2 guests please). Please write your name, number of people, time, and your phone number in the email. Thanks! 

Facebook event page for this Art Blender: 

Join Art Blender group on Facebook!: 

Join the Pink Cow group on Facebook: 
The Tokyo spontaneous hangout 
Exciting and friendly meetup group which introduces interesting events or places in Tokyo and offer opportunities to hang out


Coremocha (Ko-le-mo-ka)

 "Coremocha" is a music project originated by Yuri Tokushima. 

It contains the original and unconventional music. 
It also offers arranged classical music in pop style.

 Yuri Tokushima: 

Started playing the violin at the age of three. 
Studied at "Paul Dukas" Conservatoire in Pairs, 
and then at "Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et de Danse de Pairs (CNSMDP)". 
Dealing with recording, concert, live support, tuition and etc. 
Composition and arrangement as well.

Tsubasa Yasuoka: 
Engaged in track making and sound engineering. 
Started programming music with DTM at the age of fifteen. 
Graduated from academy school for music. 
After experienced studio works and A&R (Artist and Repertoire) for CD recording, 
currently dealing with composition, track making. 
Recording support, mixing, and mastering as well. 
The Best Distraction

 Improvisational music ranging from zen/future-hop to glitch electro/dance, sometimes accompanied by live painting

DJ Soulbird (DJ)

六本木テンプス川畑氏が手がけた渋谷HIPHOPアシスタントでDJ活動スタート。(株)ユニバーサルエンターテイメントがプロデュースの自由ヶ丘TYO、ヒルトン東京、ハイアットリージェンシー東京サンバクラブにてplay。現 在は東京を拠点に、ハウステンボスカウントダウン等、フリーランスDJ、オーガナイザーとして活動。「soulbird inc」もブランド展開中。
時計ケースのソウルバード http://www.soulbird.co.jp/


Lady n@n@ (Burlesque dancer )

バーレスクレッスン詳細: 隔週木曜日!21:00-23:00に開催。


Rita Goldie (バーレスクダンサー)
東京を中心に全国各地を飛び回る大阪出身バーレスクダンサーRITA GOLDIE( リタ・ゴールディ)。バーレスクショー活動から発展したフォトモデル、ショーモデル、ヘアメイクモデル、ピンナップガールとしても活動中。クラブ、ライブハウス、バー、ラウンジで行われるイベント、ファッションショーなどジャンルを問わず様々なパーティに出演。
20世紀初頭のキャバレーを彷彿させるスタイルのショーで『レトロなセクシー』を表現。ミュージシャンやDJ、他ダンサーとのコラボレーションも多い。2013年イベント「BURLESQUE KINGDOM(バーレスクキングダム)」主催。2013年ジェリービーンガール就任。
Facebook アーティストページ: http://facebook.com/ritagoldie
twitter: RITA_GOLDIE
出演依頼・お問い合わせ: ritagoldie.burlesque@gmail.com